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"Lyme Light is a heartbreaking and dark-humored memoir with an ending you’ll never see coming.

Full of startling vulnerability and undeniable charm, this young first time author

– Natalie London – had me hooked within pages. 

Natalie will always have a seat next to me at the Peach Pit."

- Tori Spelling, “Beverly Hills, 90210


” A fascinating story about acceptance, survival, and determination.”

- Roseanne Barr


“In Natalie London's Lyme Light, the author discovers meaning in illness, wit in despair, imagination in loneliness, companionship in culture, and culture in companionship. Her story is a fine example of the heroine's journey toward the Self.”

- Alicia Goranson, “Roseanne” 


"Light Light should have been required reading for all students at West Beverly High.”

- Jennie Garth, “Beverly Hills, 90210”


Lyme Light, like its title and the disease Natalie overcomes, is fraught with complexity. Much like her favorite (t.v.) mom Roseanne,

she writes with piercing honesty and subtle humor. Something as tiny as a tick can change our lives or remind us to seize each moment.

Through her journey Natalie London reminds us not to squeeze our cup of life but to cherish every drop that fills it.”

- Michael Fishman, “Roseanne”


Lyme Light is an infuriating, frustrating, compelling, witty & heartbreaking sprint toward a light that seems forever on a too far away horizon.

Natalie London manages to turn confusion and tragedy into a gripping page turner that you will not be able to put down.

An incredible and important book.”

- Christine Elise McCarthy, “Beverly Hills, 90210”


“‘I pray we'll wake up on the porch of the Connor house...’ This line resonated with me.

Whatever the medium, art is able to comfort us and connect us. Natalie's book is a testament to that.”

-Laurie Metcalf, “Roseanne”


Lyme Light is a memoir of pain, confusion, helplessness and ultimately, hope.

Natalie's journey is heartbreaking, but she deals with it with humor and grace.

A truly great read. Thanks Natalie! I loved it.”

- Jason Priestley, “Beverly Hills, 90210”


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